Fantasy League

As predicted Bill did indeed take his eye off the ball and an imposter has only gone and nicked our crown which is a pretty damn depressing sight, at least he is out of the country for now. Anyway congrats Lee you win the trophy above and a place in the hall of fame. Still no-one has retained the hallowed trophy, and we certainly don't want him to be the first so lets all up our game eh chaps???

Euro 2012's competition has been secured by the gaffer himself (see, he does know something about picking players/football). Slightly lack lustre competition this time around as Chris and Bill seemed to be the only people actively managing their teams after the first round. Anyway never mind, the Premier League will be back with us before we know it and Bill will have taken his eye off the ball this season (due to Bolton's relegation) so the title is up for grabs.

Still no one has defended the trophy.

Don't spose they are doing an Olympic one are they??

Tom is this years big winner, well played y'all.There will inevitably be a Euro tournament shortly which will be overly complicated and ultimately tainted by the fact that England will be shite.

The new fantasy league season is upon us...

Those of you who played last season will be automatically re-entered i believe, but any of you new boys are welcome to join in.

The all important code is below:

Plus try our all new Head2Head league launches this season:

Past Winners
Lee Medlin (12/13)
Bill Collins (Euro's 2012)
Tom McKenzie (11/12)
Karl Taylor (10/11)
Chris Harley (World Cup 2010)
Hannah Shaw (09/10)
Rob Gibbeson (08/09)