Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Training Session 1

Final score: WMps 5 - also WMpS 5. So 10 nil in our first game, not a bad result!

Thankyou to all who attended the first WMpS football extravaganza! I think it was obvious from the start that we're all gifted with the demon skills needed to defeat these teachers but our achilles heel may well turn out to be fitness levels, or the lack thereof. Thus the big match next week has been postponed and instead we will have another practice session, possibly on the full pitch, to give us a little more time to get in shape! This also means Tom McKenzie will be back, and he actually plays the game!

As always could all those who wish to attend next week email me the weekday evenings which are best for them so I can get the teachers to book the pitch as early as possible. If you are unable to play at all next week a reply would still be useful stating this. Highlights of last night:

  1. Chris H's 'Maradona' like weaving goal.
  2. Paul's 'Hulk hogan' like header/bellyflop.
  3. Alex's 'Billy Elliott' like Midfield ball trapping pirouette (had to be at least a 9.8)

My personal damage level this morning: Left leg - 20% of normal operating level.Back - Stiff and unyielding.Groin - Inoperable. Thanks to Debbie for provision of Capri sun, water and Fruitellas.

P.S. Hannah (Fraser not Shaw) reckons Alex is a 'hottie' but then again she's going out with me so make of that that you will.

P.P.S. Thankyou again all who attended, twas jolly fun, what what. See y’all next week


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