Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Training Session 5

In the biggest test yet we were down to a true 5 aside match, which in the heat proved a test for all. General skill has certainly come a long way with some flashes of brilliance from certain players. Although there was some interesting plays from others and I think we will all agree the 2 highlights (or lowlights?) were:

1) Tom tackling me to give himself an open goal with no one around only to then blast it well wide.
2) After reeling from a goal from huggins / rob (cant remember who!) John proceeded to “pass” the ball back into his own net to add another goal to the red teams score.I’m sure no one has any idea of the score but a good training session none the less.


PS we should probably acknowledge the first hat-trick of the season by John, although the OG probably counter acts at least two of his goals.

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PSS; People owe money (to Alex) for sky rocketing ball out of the grounds? Own up!
John x1


  1. i didn't blast it wide, it was more a placement, trying too hard because i knew Adam (AKA the cat) was trying to get back between the sticks!

  2. UnappreciatedMike23 July 2008 at 11:34

    Yesterday's effort was the third time I have scored more than three goals! I feel hard done by :-(

    I`m quitting the team as a result of non-appreciation.

  3. Actually that sentence can be read two ways.

  4. You need to celebrate your hattricks more flamboyantly then!! Then more people will take notice.

  5. The Teamplayer23 July 2008 at 13:15

    So long as i`m helping the team I`m happy. Certainly not in it for the personal glory like some of the Wmps prima donnas out there.
    They are only playing well because the transfer window is open and BTFC scouts were watching last night's game.

  6. the cat?! lol, meow.

    No one bring any wool balls, you know it distracts me.

  7. I couldn't help the OG,
    well okay,
    I could of, but errr...
    More to the point, the goal keeper whom shall be kept nameless was facing towards his own goal due to... ... ... distraction. Not implying anything, but.. no.. nothing.

  8. ps; highlights for me:-

    tom more worried about the near by sheep.

  9. Us Wmpsers may be prima donnas but look where it has got us... we all have long and illustrious careers ahead of us within the bosom of the Online Shopping Experts.

    Hmmm...we might want to re-think our life strategy.

  10. Sheep, busom and wool balls. I have one week off and its all happening. Such a hectic life we lead.

  11. oh I forget to ask the BIG question...did Matt show up?

  12. err no, he is on holiday.

    Hover over Tom on the flash thing.

  13. I owe £4.00 including last two weeks and one fine. I blame Rob's horribly bobbly pass which took a brave man to even consider hitting it. I am that man.