Monday, 22 September 2008

The Big Issue

Obviously following last weeks bloodbath we need to find a more suitable pitch...

What with the evenings drawing in and the onset of bad weather the option of playing on a random bit of park is looking less than favourable, one possible option is Molescroft Park, suggested by John a few months back, there is a hard court similar to the leisure centre one but for free, although we may need to see off some Molescroft Chavs before claiming the pitch.

Another more long term option is possibly Bishop Burton who have a similar setup to Longcroft Look here. That is £30 for a third of the artificial pitch and £21 for the sports hall, although at this point we have no idea on the availability of this option or whether you need to be a student etc, etc.

There obviously is still the Leisure Centre option, but we may incur more injuries that way.

Anyone got any other suggestions/solutions???

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  1. Do we even have a POC at BBC? I mean, it may be full booked and we could end up wasting lots of time tomorrow going back and forth. Just Moley tomorrow and get something sorted for following week and beyond?

  2. hey everyone it's Will! Hi WilL!