Thursday, 12 March 2009

Cup despair for Brave Athletic

"Are you not very athletic?" asked the organiser as I wandered on to the pitch. 'That's rather cheeky', I thought to myself, before remembering that this was
the name of our team. The Beverley soccer sixes started this week with a knockout cup tournament and it would seem that our team is aptly named, although
notvery organised or notvery likelytoscore would be equally appropriate.

A 1 nil loss in the first match, against last years league winners, gave us hope;
"well they won it last year so that's not a bad result" was the saying of the moment. However the 2 nil beating at the hands of the next team suggested
that maybe our previous 'not bad' result may have been a fluke.

The next match brought out my vote for performance of the match, Chris Harley's excellent work between the sticks not only kept the score down to only 4 - nil but his hoof forward set up our best scoring opportunity of the tournament, unfortunately Paul, even with a desperate slide, couldn't quite reach the ball in time.

The final match gave us our closest opportunity to not get beat, we had become slightly more organised and went down to a closely fought 1 - nil defeat.

Considering most of us had not kicked a ball since the end of the WMpS season last year, we were missing 3 players from a 10 man squad one of whom was the goalie and we were still getting used to our very big, and very yellow, new kit things can surely only get better.

I predict at least one victory in the 11 match league starting next week, but at the end of the day, with Notvery Athletic on the pitch, football itself is most definately the winner. We may have been unlucky in the knockout but we will just have to fill the space on the mantlepiece, which we cleared for the cup, with a league victory trophy.

Lastly, thankyou to all who have played so far, you have all paid up in full already which is greatly appreciated. It keeps me in beer until at least the end of the week.

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  1. Do you have the kit? What does it look like?

  2. ghost of future DLW12 March 2009 at 12:00

    only one thing to say about the kit - huge!

  3. And yellow, don't forget yellow! You remember big bird from Sesame Street?