Tuesday, 28 April 2009

"Kids sir. Thousands of them..."

A turn out of 8 for our first training session of 2009 wasn't completely disasterous although we did all manage to wear different colours as is always the way. More importantly Dave, Notvery Athletics' possible new signing and saviour, didn't seem too disappointed with the skill level of his proposed new team and may well be showing for Notvery on wednesday. A big thankyou to Paul, Chris's chum who also showed up and will hopefully will be making regular appearances, 'good feet for a big man' seems an appropriate turn of phrase.
Most disappointing for us all was an injury to Tom Walker, who up until that point was looking sharp, hopefully he won't be out for too long.

Goals were scored at both ends, with most players getting a good touch off the ball, and things were reasonably even. Possibly the most decisive goal was caused when some strange yokels yelling my name from 100 yards away proved to be too much of a distraction and I neglected my defensive duties. As far as I am aware these hooligans are yet to be named, I have let Kirsty Young know of these events and await the next episode of crimewatch with anticipation.

Around an hour into the session 6 youngsters offered us a game, thinking we could beat them easily we accepted and the game began. At first we were coasting it with skills and goals a plenty, however things gradually became more and more difficult and a quick count up of the players on their team showed there to be around 14 of them. When you thought you had scored passed the keeper another youngster would spring up from nowhere, or arrive on his bike, to catch it and punt it forward setting up another 10 man assault. Fortunately they weren't very good, and spent a lot of time tacking each other, so we were able to skip through a few and feel like Ricardo Gardner.

It should be mentioned that, apart from the occasional hacking tackle or suggestion that Colin should be at home with his slippers on, the kids were perfectly fine and didnt steal, break, pillage or do any of the other things usually associated with 'the youth of today'.

Overall it was a great session, apart from Tom's injury, much fun was had by all and it was nice for the members of Notvery to get a chance to shoot at goal now and again. A few more sessions like this and it won't be the Barcelona team the ITV pundits will be drooling over,

Training Next week:

Please let me know as soon as possible if your training next week so I can get an idea of numbers. With Adam, Paul and Tom M set to return we could heading for double figures.

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  2. Is this Dave West? Was it hoodies you were playing? Don't beat them they might knife you!

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