Thursday, 21 May 2009

And the best team lost.


We lost again, but this time it was different. We didn't deserve to lose, we deserved to win. We were, I think I'm right in claiming this, better than them.

On the bright side we scored 2 goals in the same game, on the dark side we let in three. We bossed the first half, there were a couple of times when we were caught on the counter attack, one was for their opening goal, but overall we were the better side. There was a lot more passing and a lot less long ball hopefulness and this showed with a lot more threat on goal. We always looked a threat going forwards, although our final third still let us down , whilst Colin worked his socks off with some excellent defensive work. Chris Garner's little tap on one of their players, who reacted like he'd just threatened him with a crocodile, livened things up at the half time whistle, but things didn't quite escalate into a rumble.
Second half we were again running the show, with a penalty scored by Dave and a proper open play goal from Paul, set up by , and I quote, "a stunning defence disecting back heel" . However two goals later on from them sealed our fate.

On a less cheerful note, I was rather dissappointed with the number of players who joined in with the 'keyboard cat' goal celebrations. Come on people!

*Image used at the start of blog is the closest representation of our famous free kick victory goal I could find and is in no way just me finding a reason to show some nice bottoms.


Shangi 1 v 0 Black Sox
Beaver 3 v 2 Not Very Athletic
Angel 0 v 1 Mill Lane
AJ's 1 v 2 Deportivo
Weighton 1 v 4 Reservoir Trogs
BarceHullona 1 v 2 Waterside Utd

How Barcehullona and Black Sox kept it down to a 1 goal loss I don't know, I just assume that all the top players make sure they play against us because they know we are a walking goalfest. I also can't believe that Beaver side won, I mean that Notvery were all over them.


We stay not bottom, but only due to a last minute winner from Shangi over the brave Black Sox.

Yellow boot:

The Yellow Boot leaderboard is at last starting to fill up , with both Dave and Paul getting on it this week. Only four main players have now failed to score, you know who you are.



Apparently there's the 'northern lower league kickabout cup' sponsored by 'Sparkomatic electricals' or something being played next Wednesday night so theres no match. Games will continue the week after.

Week 11 Fixtures - Wed 3 June

Waterside Utd v Shangi 7pm
Deportivo v Weighton 7pm
Mill Lane v AJ's 7pm
Not Very Athletic v Angel 7:30pm
Beaver v Black Sox 7:30pm
BarceHullona v Reservoir Trogs 7:30pm

News from the organiser:

This morning I received this:

Hi Will

I have been pleasantly surprised that all teams want to continue (I was expecting two to leave), so the current season will repeat itself so that you all play each other twice. I have two other new teams waiting, so if I can add you, them and three - five more new teams, I will look to start a new league, maybe the hour after the current one.

I'm in a tough spot in that I want to bring new teams in, but don't want to disrupt what is already in place, and most teams seem to want to go round again.

P.S. Dunno how that Beaver beat ya, must have been fixed**

**I added this bit but I'm sure he was thinking it.

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  1. A 'must win' game next week then, seen as Angel are only 1 place above us!

  2. A twenty yard blaster off the bar with the keeper graspign thin air, a stunning defence disecting back heel to set up Paul's Goal and no mention at all... i don't kno wwhy i bother.

    No need to mention all the misplaced passes and shoddy shooting though :-)

  3. So, does that mean we get to lose against most teams again?
    No 2 leagues, for now at least?

  4. Means probably two leagues with us in the new (bottom)one. WIll mean we will be kicking off an hour later if we do enter that league. So it's play an hour later and maybe win some games, or stick as we are and get beat most weeks.
    What ya reckon peeps?