Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Gaffer blames Management

With only seconds left before kickoff two of our players, including the coach and last weeks goal scorer were yet to arrive. With a lack of these players prematch, especially the coach, we had not proper warm up or discussion of formation and tactics prematch and had to start with an unplanned first 6 and this really showed.
Having taken the lead after 8 minutes, via a well taken shot By Tom, we were looking good, however a lack of discipline due to a lack of prematch warm up as well as chaos every time a substitution occured lead to a 4 - 1 debacle for Notvery and a few cheeky pushes in the back to deny us shooting opportunities by the opposition didn't help lighten our mood. Other than Tom's well taken Goal and Paul's excellent penalty save this was one of the worst performances since Notvery's creation way back in Januaryish, so disappointing after last weeks victory.

When questioned later Chris Harley, Notvery's coach, said "The referree has robbed us, it's a F*****g disgrace". It is important to note the context of this comment, the context being that he was talking about the Chelsea - Barcelona game, but I still think it is slightly relevant to Notvery.

"The late arrival of key players, which was surely avoidable, was down to to higher management and was out of the control of the players themselves, both players had to join the game without having touched the ball and in the end this has cost us", stated the Notvery gaffer just now when I asked myself what I thought went wrong.
"The delayed arrival of our coach meant we had no prematch discussion, training or tactics and as the game progressed this became obvious to all who were watching. It's a real shame as, after last week's victory, the talent scouts would surely have been watching us tonight", I continued.


  1. Nice to know im not the only one who blames higher management for our shockingly poor performance last night... booo!

  2. Pens are only worth half a goal in the yellow boot standings surely :-)

  3. It's like the away goals rule, in the case of a tie outfield goals count double.

  4. The yellow boot is mine

  5. LieutenantBarryBigBalls10 May 2009 at 17:39

    Penalties should count double because u have to have the balls to stride up and toe poke it in. 99.99% need not apply for that kind of pressure.

  6. I really can't think who that comment may be from...