Thursday, 4 June 2009

(Apparently not the) Final game of the Season

I asked them how it went but all they would say is:
"You wouldn't understand man, you weren't there"

A bit of patience is all that is required Bill...

A seriously understrength WMPS FC contested the final game of the first half of the season. Due to work commitments we lost four regulars (Bill, Colin, Paul & Chris G)as well as Tom's rubbish excuse of "I forgot, i'm going out for a meal...sorry". So this weeks lineup included a couple ringers, Steve and Rob, who did the shirt proud, alongside myself, Alex and Dave this still left us a man short but we battled on anyway.

I took my place between the sticks for the first half. The game kicked off and it turned out they were fairly rubbish too so we were on top from the start, Rob adding some muscle and knowhow as well as the odd stepover up front and Steve contributing some assured defending. Chances came and went at both ends before, following a decent save (if i do say so myself), I heard a shout from Dave and punted the ball upfield... Dave took it down 'majestically' (his word not mine) turning the defender in one movement and found himself through on goal, taking it on his left foot the keeper was beaten and we had the lead.

More half chances at both ends and it was half time and Alex took up goalkeeping duties for the second half.

Tiredness began to kick in as we pushed forward for a second goal (that never came) and were picked off on the break a couple of times by the oppo. A renewed focus saw us step it up a little and I hit the bar and post before Dave was denied by a wonder save.

The game ended 1-3 and we trudged off pleased with our efforts and safe in the knowledge that the extra man was all that stood between us and another victory.

A good few pints later we were joined by the gaffer for a debrief in The Cross Keys and a fullsome drinking session ensued.

Ignore Bill's title of this story, that was not the final game of the season, it was only the half way point and we continue next week. I have the new fixture list but forgot to bring it in today so will post tomorrow.

Only fair to point out that Dave's goal brings him level with his arch enemy Mike Huggins in the race for the yellow boot.

I am now the only ever present which as Dave pointed out makes my goal return now easily the worst of any squad member. In my defence it must be said that my two stints in goal have however resulted in clean sheets (that is not me volunteering though).

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  1. So that's how it went down. Reasonably similar to your descriptions in the pub. Cheers all who played for pulling through in what could have been our darkest hour. You will not be forgotten.