Thursday, 11 June 2009

Pics from AJ's v Notvery and tiny match report

First up, a few comments from Rob K, who actually seems to know a bit about this game:

Hey Will,

A Few Points:

Good Defending- great blocks & tackling
All 3 goals from long balls- no one can head a ball!!
Great passing performance
Too much passing not enough shooting!!
Dave not hitting the target from 4 yards out and me shanking the ball ten feet past the post!!

Hope this helps- by the way great photo and video coverage on the site love


Second up some pics:

As i'm out of the team for a week or two I (Chris H, credit where credit's due. ED.) turned my hand to a bit of photojournalism...

third up, some videos:

Fourth up the Report:

Unfortunately we again had a depleted squad for a number of reasons. Chris H with a broken/bruised rib after a high velocity encounter with a rather large gentleman in last weeks match, Alex H was having far too much fun at work to join us and Colin had something else to do.So up went the bat signal for Rob K to help us out for the second week on the trot, and help us out he did. Rob G has also returned to us on a 1 season loan from the pubs of Manchester.
Final score 3 - 0 to AJ's.
We played well but got beat, better than last week, ok till fatigue set in. Same old, same old. You get the idea. I think I'll let Chris H's excellent work above tell the picture, with pictures.

thankyou to all who have paid up already. Every person that has played have paid their fees, good stuff guys.

Fifth up the Results and fixtures:

Wed 3 June:

Waterside 0 v 1 Shangi
Deportivo 0 v 1 Weighton
Mill Lane 1 v 0 AJ's
Not Very Athletic 1 v 2 Angel
Beaver 3 v 2 Black Sox
BarceHullona 1 v 2 Reservoir Trogs

Results Wed 10 June
Beaver 1 v 1 Waterside Utd
Angel 2 v 1 Black Sox
AJ's 3 v 0 Not Very Athletic
Weighton 0 v 0 Mill Lane
Reservoir trogs 2 v 1 Deportivo
BarceHullona 0 v 2 Shangi


Wed 17 June
Mill Lane v Reservoir Trogs 7pm
Shangi v Beaver 7pm
Not Very Athletic v Weighton 7pm
Black Sox v AJ's 7:30pm
Waterside v Angel 7:30pm
BarceHullona v Deportivo 7:30pm

sixth up the Latest Table:

We're maintaining our 1 point cushion over the black sox, unfortunately we're also maintaining our massive goal difference deficit.


  1. If there is going to be photographic and, er, videographic evidence I'd better start scoring some goals.

  2. If we can get as good as playing as we are at reporting we are on to a winner.

  3. A quick scout of t'internet tells me that none of the other teams have a blog, so I declare us winners of the 'reporting cup' by default.