Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Table time - Look at us flying up!

Week 18:

Results Wed 22nd July:

Weighton 2 v 0 angel
Shangi 5 v 1 Deportivo
Beaver 0 v 5 Reservoir Trogs
Mill Lane 0 v 5 Waterside
Not Very Athletic 3 v 0 Black Sox
BarceHullona 5 v 0 AJ's


Bit of a cushion between us and the next team up. 4 games to make up 10 points on them and they've got a game in hand? Easy!

Fixtures Wed 29 July:
Waterside v Not Very Athletic 7pm
Shangi v Mill Lane (BYE)
Beaver v Deportivo (BYE)
Angel v Reservoir Trogs 7pm
AJ's v Weighton 7:30pm
BarceHullona v Black Sox 7:30pm

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