Friday, 14 August 2009

A new enemy - Everybody was-a kung foo fighting

This weeks training was a huge success, mainly due to the presence of an unexpected opposition. Another group of guys also book a pitch at the same time we do and offered us a 2/3 of the pitch match with proper big goals and everything. We bravely took up their challenge and finished with our heads held reasonably high with a 9 - 6 defeat. Considering a lot of our 10 man team hadn't even met each other before and several others hadn't kicked a ball since our last longcroft training sessions this seemed a reasonable result.
A hat trick for Rob Gibbesson, our defender, and goals from Dave Brinham and others were the highlights with some excellent saves from our, apparently resident, goalkeeper giving the crowd something to oooohhhhh at.
Next week may well be more of the same, dependent on numbers. So let's get back at them and reverse that score!
Rob G
Colin H
Will C
Dave B
Andy C
Hannah F
Adam T
Tom M
Ian G


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  1. Gutted, that is 2 matches i've missed this week...

    9-6 sounds like a thriller.

  2. washed up nearlyman14 August 2009 at 13:36

    love the way u put and others, wen the only other scorer was garf!

    was a good game like, i wud have happily retired if that effort had gone in and not hit the bar!