Wednesday, 5 August 2009

On form NVA robbed of second victory on the bounce

I have been rather lax of late when it comes to the creation of insightful and humourous footie blogs but the performance by the boys tonight greatly deserves my return from the blogging twilight. Chris G, Chris H, Paul B, Rob K, Dave B, Tom M and myself looked a reasonable team on paper, a little more defensive that our teams have been of late but still with some proper talent. However we proved that if you work as a team and know what you are trying to do a team can be far greater than the sum of its parts. Our recent history, however, has been mostly the opposite to that philosophy.
We began defensively, with plenty of people behind the ball for change and although they had more of the ball any shooting attempts were from range and none troubled the keeper. At the other end of the pitch we were looking dangerous and we soon realised that a counter attacking system really worked for us and this was the system to which we stuck.
Long balls from the keeper were also proving useful, with Dave holding it up well and a one on one chance from him was well saved by the keeper.
as the half continued they began to tire from trying to break through our solid defence, including some excellent blocking all round especially from Tom and Paul, the latter even clearing with the clever use of his left ear. We soon took advantage of their fatigue and frustration with a very well worked goal which, I believe, was touched by every NVA player on the field, involved some excellent cross field balls and a very well worked finish by Rob K to even further cement his position as leading scorer (except for my 5 goals from the other week of course).
For the second half we still looked very solid at the back with not a single one on one for them for the whole of the match, a first for Notvery, and their attempts on goal began to peter out with any they did manage being from long range, perfectly represented by a shot which ended up a fair few feet into the undergrowth outside the 10 foot high cage wall.
our counter attacking system continued to prove fruitful and we had a couple of chances to further our lead before, half a minute from the end, a well struck but hopeful shot from probably their better player screamed out of a crowd of players and nestled in the top right corner.
when the whistle blew I , and all the other players, had the rather unusual feeling of being gutted to have only got a draw. two wins and a draw from our last 3 games - that's champions league form, or at least Europa.
We're gradually creating a bit of respect for those who wear the mighty Yellow, a sly comment of 'yeah, but where are you in the table?' when we were winning only helping to prove that point.
Also I had a quiet word with a talent scout I noticed hanging around the pitch and he said 'were you the bright yellow ones? Oh sorry, I wasn't watching that game. So, at least he didn't say we were rubbish.

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  1. Well played all round tonight, can't say i was overly happy with my performance but it didn't cost us any goals so i will settle for that. It seems all these years playing on the wing i was a defender all along!!

    Please sign up for the fantasy league guys, see previous post... the more the merrier.

  2. Fantasy football league, fantasy. Football league fantasy football league...

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