Monday, 5 October 2009

Week 3 - Full roundup with some very intelligent remarks from Jay

Jays match report:
(most important part highlighted in bold)
Real Soldierdad put in an impressive performance in their first match, sinking the rejuvenated Angel, who this week boasted 10 players! However, controversy was in the air after the first goal, with angel believing the ball was actually out of play before the striker smashed it home via the keeper. Captain Rich Bell raged "Maybe one week we'll actually get a decision off (referee) Uzzell" - I wouldn't hold your breath mate!!!
Waterside continued their impressive start with a good win over AJ's, in what looked a pretty physical match. Danny Moore added another 2 goals to his tally, and has so far scored in every match - I can see Martin having a chunk out of his ankles early on next week.
BarceHullona finally got the ball rolling with a good win over Action Force FC. The old predator Chris Robertson was on hand to snatch the only goal of the game, rolling back the years to when he was one of Europes most... I don't really know where I'm going with this! I was just shocked to see him turn up to football with the temperate below 10 degrees!
As I predicted last week, big Kev stepped back into the Trogs line up and made an immediate impact. A couple of early goals, included another controversial penalty decision from Uzzell seemed to knock the wind out of the NVA boys, and the trogs took advantage, smashing home 7 goals.

Personally, I think it would have been a different story if NVA skipper Will had been between the sticks. His athleticism and agility have proven to be a match for any top striker in the league in recent weeks, and he was sorely missed -

Will, your the winner of the 'Pay Jay a fiver for a big write up' competition this week by the way.
Deportivo were solid again and had a couple of good chance to win the game. Young Firthy bagged his second of the campaign with a powerful finish; or was it really dodgy goalkeeping? I can't remember? (Sarcasm)
Finally, Weighton made it three wins from three with a very comfortable victory over the Black Sox. Without top scorer Tom Shaunessy, Weighton lacked the finishing edge until captain Cox put the keeper gloves down at half time, and showed the rest of his boys how it should be done.
Next week sees Weighton v Waterside in what should be a very competitive and high quality match - let's just hope I've not said too much too soon.

Results Wed 30 Sept:
Angel 0 v 2 Real Soldierdad
AJ's 0 v 2 Waterside
BarceHullona 1 v 0 Action Force
Reservoir Trogs 7 v 0 NVA
Deportivo 1 v 1 One10
Weighton 2 v 0 Black Sox


Top scorers:

Fixtures Wed 7 Oct:
NVA v Deportivo 7pm
Black Sox v Reservoir Trogs 7pm
Real Soldierdad v AJ's 7pm
Action Force v Angel 7:30pm
Waterside v Weighton 7:30pm
BarceHullona v One10 7:30pm

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  1. Anonymous bystander5 October 2009 at 15:46

    He's right about that keeper of yours, absolute genius with the gloves on.

  2. personally i think u wer missing that lazy lad up front!

  3. Theres a lazy guy up front? Don't think I've seen him from back between the sticks.