Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Results, table, yadda, yadda

We have an ever growing injury list:

Will C- Knee
Paul B - Knee
Dave B - Knee
(spotted the theme here?)
Tom M - Brain

But lets get a win tonight, please!

Results Wed 14 Oct:

Black Sox 0 v 2 ONE10
BarceHullona 1 v 0 NVA
Reservoir Trogs 2 v 0 Real Soldierdad
Action Force 0 v 1 Weighton
Angel 0 v 0 AJ's
Waterside 3 v 0 Deportivo

Fixtures Wed 21 Oct:
Weighton v Real Soldierdad 7pm
AJ's v Action force 7pm
Reservoir Trogs v Waterside - Postponed
Deportivo v Black Sox 7:30pm
ONE10 v NVA 7:30pm
BarceHullona v Angel 7:30pm


Almost unreadable results so far table:

Notvery Left to play:

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