Thursday, 8 October 2009

Week 3 table etc etc

I'll leave it to Jay to do the proper match report but I think I should add that we were awesome second half and I think that if we can play like that every week a top four spot isn't out of the question.
Rob K blasted his way back to the top of our goal scorers leaderboard with a hatful of one goal. A few more next week and he'll be on Jay's top scorer leaderboard. (Then again a couple of goals for any of us could get our name up in lights)

Jay's roundup:

Results Wed 7 Oct:
NVA 1 v 1 Deportivo
Black Sox 0 v 6 Reservoir Trogs
Real Soldierdad 4 v 1 AJ's
Action force 0 v 0 Angel
Waterside 2 v 0 Weighton
BarceHullona 1 v 3 One10

Fixtures Wed 14 Oct:
Black Sox v One10 7pm
BarceHullona v NVA 7pm
Reservoir Trogs v Real Soldierdad 7pm
Action Force v Weighton 7:30pm
Angel v AJ's 7:30pm
Waterside v Deportivo 7:30pm

After a promising start to the season, Deportivo looked favourites to take the points against NVA. However, NVA proved a little trickier than expected and it was a case of yet another draw for the boys in red - Andy 'Gal' Galloway will surely be pulling his (beautiful quaffed Torres style) hair out when he hears this result. I must add that I predicted NVA would be a changed team when natural keeper and captain, Will, returned... and once again I was correct!
The Trogs goal fest continued with another 6 against a good strength Black Sox team. Big man Wade smashed home a couple to take him Joint top in the scorers chart. The one disappointment was the performance of Trogs skipper Kev Neale. From what I'm told (by reliable source Dave Wheatherall), his performance both outfield and in goal left an awful lot to be desired; in fact if it wasn't for Dave's amazing defending in the second half, Black Sox would surely have taken the points - Dave £5 next week please pal!
With only 3 men on the pitch one minute before kick off, AJ's looked like they could be in trouble against Real Soldierdad. As it turned out, even a full team of six at kick off time couldn't prevent Real leaving with three points. The pace was fast, passing crisp and finishing spot on - perhaps we have another contender for the Championship. Next weeks match between the Trogs and Real should be game of the week.
Action Force v Angel was a match that never reallzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - BORING!!!
Andy Martin continued his comeback for BarceHullona and looked pretty good with the ball at his feet. The problem came when he had to run (ha ha) or try and shoot (ha ha ha) - how many one on ones pal? Gaz Marshall did manage to net for BarceHullona, but One10 looked on top throughout, and took the points in front of a small crowd, to show Trogs and Real that they are a serious challenge.
The final game saw the top two teams as it stood at the start of the night, going head to head. Weighton had some good early possesion, and created a couple of chances, but Waterside looked comfy all night. Solid defending at both ends restricted chances, but after a goal from captain Phil Clark the game began to open up, and Waterside began to create more. With a few minutes remaining striker Danny Moore took hold of the ball on half way and beat two defender before slotting past the Weighton keeper (no easy feat), to confirm the win, and take his side top of the pile.


Top scorers:

I couldn't think of an appropriate image for the top of this writeup, so I just added one of a tortoise with a hat on.

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