Monday, 2 November 2009

2 Write ups for the price of 1!

Jay's write-up (last week, when we weren't there):
Once again Weighton dominated their game, creating heaps of chances and scoring four goals to keep them top of the pile. Bennet added another 2 to take him up the scoring charts, with Atkinson and Cox also adding to their goals from last week.
Real Soldierdad got back on track with a very impressive display against Deportivo. slick passing, hard work and good finishing saw the boys take home all three points - that's what you get for paying in 5's and 10p's Deportivo!!!
BarceHullona left with their faces covered, after conceading 3 goals and dropping 3 points to a team with only 5 men - OH DEAR. On the flip side, well done AJ's, another couple from Nick who continues to impress, and a great win - maybe Blakey should work away more often?!
Waterside crused to a 3-0 victory over ONE10, with Danny Moore bagging another brace. I must note here that ..., the ONE10 keeper made probably THE bast penalty save ever (well, he saved it anyway), however, he still hasn't learnt that keepers arn't allowed out of the box!!!
In the final game Reservoir Trogs left with another 3 points, another 6 goals, another clean sheet and another glaring miss be Kev Neale - (Sorry, I had to mention it) Clean through on goal for a hat-trick, Kev managed to screw the ball at least 15 feet wide of the goal, leaving the keeper, his team mates, and those watching, in floods of tears at the hilarity of the finish!On a serious note, things are getting worse for Action Force. Big Dave will surely have to mix things up a little when he returns next week.

Results Wed 28 Oct:
Weighton 4 v 0 Angel
Real Soldierdad 2 v 0 Deportivo
BarceHullona 1 v 3 AJ's
ONE10 0 v 3 Waterside
NVA p v p Black Sox
Action Force 0 v 6 Reservoir Trogs


Fixtures Wed 4 Nov:
Waterside v NVA 7pm
Real Soldierdad v ONE10 7pm
Action Force v Deportivo 7pm
Angel v Resevoir Trogs 7:30pm
AJ's v Weighton 7:30pm
BarceHullona v Black Sox 7:30pm

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Jay's write up week before last (when we were there and got beat):

Results Wed 21 Oct:
Weighton 3 v 0 Real Soldierdad
AJ's 2 v 1 Action Force
Deportivo 3 v 0 Black Sox
ONE10 1 v 0 NVA
BarceHullona 1 v 0 Angel

Weighton bounced back from last weeks loss with a comfortable victory over Real Soldierdad. New boy Tim Atkinson added to early goals from captain Coxy and Bennett - not so sure about the ladies neon leggins fellas, may have to bring a ruling in about them!
AJ's got back to winning ways against Action Force, who a still struggling to find their feet. I think a goal that flies in off somwones backside is urgently needed to kick start these boys.
Deportivo continued their steady start to the season, recording a good win over the Black Sox, with Firth addidng his forth of the season, and Andy Galloway finally getting on the score sheet!!!
One10 marked their first win of the campaign with a close fought victory over NVA. Talk from the touchline suggested that NVA could have taken the points after a solid display, but a lack of goals cost them what would have been some well earned points.
The biggest tale of the night was the return of Danny Piwinski; the man who currently holds a league winners medal, a league runners-up medal, and two cup winners medals. Dan stepped out in a cameo appearance for BarceHullona, however, it wasn't the appearance which caused the biggest news? Rumor has it that many years ago Dan refused to purchase a sprig of heather from a gypsy women, who subsiquently placed a curse on him, meaning he would never score a goal throughout the whole of his footballing career. After watching him for two full seasons at Soccer Sixes, it was clear it was a curse of Dumbledore strength, as Dan's finishing resembled that of a blind horse, wearing high heels, playing on a pitch of custard, shooting into a goal the size of a matchbox. However I was told prior to kick of last week that Poo had searched far and wide for the gypsy woman, and had actually bought enough heather from her to cover the North Yorkshire moors, in the hope she would lift the curse - it obviously did the trick, as the big story this week was his goal, which he stroked home beautifully from the edge of the box to net the win for his new team. Weather this newly found scoring prowess continues, only time will tell - welcome back Poo!

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