Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Fantasy Football Cup Update

8 out of our 11 teams eased through to the next round of the Fantasy Football cup, the biggest victory going to Mr C Harley with a 49 - 23 destruction of his, rather understrength due to injury, rival. However, while Chris's success was somewhat unexpected there was a even larger surprise; League high flyer Hannah Shaw's 20Legend crashed out of the cup in the first knockout stage, defeated 36 - 40.

When asked whether the cancellation of the Bolton - Wigan game had cost her the tie she answered: "Yeah, scabby Bolton", presumably unaware that the game was actually supposed to have been played at Wigan so if anything it's their fault. Ms Shaw was also heard to state 'losin 2 a girl sucks!', as she is currently top of the league this is something to which we can all relate.

Here are the throughs and not throughs of the first round proper:

Paul - through
Charley - through
Brinham - through
Mc'kenzie - through
Gibbesson - through
Neil - through
Karl - through
Will - through

Hannah - out
Sam Scott - out
allplacenames - out

Good luck in the next stage guys, may the team containing the most Bolton strikers win!

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