Saturday, 6 March 2010

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Results Wed 3 Mar:
Weighton 3 v 0 angel
Resl Soldierdad 1 v 0 Deportivo
BarceHullona 2 v 0 AJ's
ONE10 1 v 1 Waterside
Not Very Athletic 2 v 0 Black Sox
Borussia Teeth 0 v 8 Reservoir Trogs

Result Sat 6th Mar:
West Ham 1 v 2 Bolton

Fixtures Wed 10 Mar:
Waterside v Not Very Athletic 7pm
Real Soldierdad v ONE10 7pm
Borrusia Teeth v Deportivo 7pm
Angel v Trogs 7:30pm; AJ's v Weighton 7:30pm
BarceHullona v Black Sox 7:30pm

Weighton take the advantage at the top.

Weighton moved two points clear at the top of the table after a comfortable 3-0 victory over angel. the returning Shaun Bennett popped up with two goals to take him second in the top scorers chart. Weighton next face AJ's, which is never an easy game, while Angel have an encounter with the Trogs to look forward too.

Real Soldierdad solidified their spot in third place with a hard fought victory over Deportivo. Momnet of the match came with the last kick of the game, when self proclaimed football genius Mark Atkinson had the ball at his feet right on the edge of the opposition area and looked certain to slot past the stranded keeper. What happened next will surely be on every 'Footballs Worst Nightmares' dvd out this Christmas... with seemingly little to do but roll the ball in, Mark proceeded to not only miss, but smash the ball clean over the 30ft fence behind the goal and into the car park. To the best of my knowledge, the ball boy is still looking for it!

Form boys BarceHullona continued their impressive streak with a 2-0 win over AJ's. to give AJ's their credit they held out with only 5 men until the last few minutes, when Andy Martin twice took advantage as the extra man and slotted in two goals for the win. Barce are now in 5 place with the opportunity to move up to 3rd depending on what occurs in the Soldiredad v ONE10 fixture next week.

Borussia Teeth are still looking for their first win after a convincing thumping at the hand of Reservoir Trogs. Trogs main man Kev Neale hit four for the second time in three weeks, as the Trogs finally got their touch back after a terrible couple of months.

At the top end of the league, Waterside dropped another 2 points against ONE10. In a physical game ONE10 took the lead and looked to have held out until 2 minutes from time, when Dan Moore smashed a free kick under the defending wall and into the bottom corner to rescue a point. Waterside have a seemingly easier fixture next week against against Not Very Athletic, although the NVA b0ys have put in a couple of battling performance of late. ONE10 v a battle against camp foes Real Soldierdad, with the third place spot up for grabs as a result.

The final game saw the big one between NVA v Black Sox. The game was fairly tight, and black Sox had plenty of pressure without really creating too much, but in the end it was the finishing quality of the NVA boys that shone through. The big game for the Sox now is the final match of the season against Borrusia Teeth. With only 2 points seperating them, the game is huge for both sides.

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