Friday, 19 March 2010

Well done to the NVA!

Well played guys, or at least those that showed up. Proud of the lot of you. Next week is a must win 6 pointer, play as well as we did this week and we'll destroy them. Angel got beat again on wednesday so we can still catch them. Onwards and upwards!

Results Wed 17 March:
Trogs 1 v 1 AJ's
Angel 0 v 1 Deportivo
NVA 1 v 3 Soldierdad
ONE10 1 v 0 Borussia Teeth
Waterside 2 v 0 Black Sox
BarceHullona 0 v 0 Weighton

Fixtures Wed 24 March:
Soldierdad v Black Sox 7pm
Borrusia Teeth v NVA 7pm
BarceHullona v Waterside 7pm
AJ's v Deportivo 7:30pm
Weighton v Trogs 7:30pm
Angel v ONE10 7:30pm


Top scorers:

It's getting tight at the top!
Trogs v AJ's was a competitive affair with neither team giving an inch to the opposition. Both teams managed to bag a single goal, but the controversy in the match came on the 6 minutes mark, when referee Patrick Browich first awarded, then took away a goal for the Trogs. In fairness to the referee it was a really difficult one to judge. The Trogs striker smashed the ball against the bar, it then struck the back of the AJ's keeper who was stood with his heels on the line, before somehow rolling off the pitch and out for a corner. On first impressions it seemed the ball had squeezed through a gap in the net, but after a quick inspection of the goal it was clear a freaky bounce or spin had actually resulted in the correctly awarded corner.

Up and down Deportivo were back in the groove with a 1-0 victory over Angel. The game had some, and bad, moments, but it was Depo top scorer Firthy who proved to be the difference between the two sides. Depo have now got two games left to try and finish in the top half of the table.

Not Very Athletic game a great performance with only 5 men against a strong Soldierdad side. Although they were on the losing end of a 3-1 score line, the NVA boys wery rightly boyant after the match. To say that they can't quite match the physical prowess of the Soldierdad troops is something of an understatement, especially with 5 players, but the fact that NVA would probably have lost in double figures this time last season shows how far they have come.

Borussia Teeth came close to an upset against ONE10, but in the end it was not to be. The Teeth played some decent football and defended well against the free passing 110, and had a good chance to go ahead when they were awarded a penalty by referee Uzzell. Unfortunately the kick was very poor (I think it went out for a throw!), and the boys from 110 finally made a breakthrough to snatch the points with a few minutes remaining. Next up for Borussia are games against NVA and BLack Sox who sit in the two positions above them. With two games left against their nearest competitors, the boys from Borrusia must finally sense that first win is close.

Waterside consolidated their place at the top of the table with a 2-0 win over the Black Sox, and heaped the pressure back onto Weighton. Danny Moore got back in the goals with only his second goal since mid Feb. However it was the performance of the SOx which was the talking point after the game. The team came off claiming the moral victory, using their (imaginary) gentleman's agreement of a 3 goal head start to mean they had beaten the top of the league team.

The finally game of the night looked like it was always going to be close affairon paper, and so it proved on the pitch too. Weighton were keen to keep their title run on track, while BarceHullona were defending a 100% win streak taht dated back to last year. The game never really got going and in the end a draw seemed a fair result, although this was no real use to either team.

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