Monday, 26 April 2010

New season, new league

Now then, I have received the fixtures for the first game of the season, and therefore know the teams which our in our league. All looks much nicer for us, can't see us losing to any of this lot. I might even put a fiver on Dave to get a goal this season. I think our priority is to make sure the champion is ABD - Anyone But Deportivo.

Barcehullona v Shangi
Weighton v PSV hangover
trogs v 110
waterside - no game

Division 1:

Wed 28 April
MW Sunday v Deportivo 7pm
Angel v Borussia Teeth 7pm
Beverley Knights v AJ's 7:30pm
Not Very Athletic - No Game

Wed 5 May
Angel v MW Sunday 7pm
Borussia Teeth v Not Very Athletic 7pm
AJ's v Deportivo 7pm
Beverley Knights - No Game

Wed 12 May
AJ's v Angel 7:30pm
Beverley Knights v Deportivo 7:30pm
Not Very Athletic v MW Sunday 7:30pm
Borussia Teeth - No Game

Wed 19 May
Deportivo v Borussia Teeth 7:30pm
Angel v Not Very Athletic 7:30pm
MW Sunday v Beverley Knights
AJ's - No Game

Wed 26 May
Beverley Knights v Not Very Athletic 7pm
Angel v Deportivo 7pm
Borussia Teeth v AJ's 7pm
MW Sunday - No Game

Wed 2 June
Not Very Athletic v AJ's 7:30pm
MW Sunday v Borussia Teeth 7:30pm
Beverley Knights v Angel 7:30pm
Deportivo - No Game

Wed 9 June
Borussia Teeth v Beverley Knights 7pm
AJ's v MW Sunday 7pm
Deportivo v Not Very Athletic 7pm
Angel - No Game

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