Thursday, 13 May 2010

Excellent performance

Possibly Notvery's greatest performance since its creation gave us a 4 - 1 victory, a scoreline that did not flatter us in the slightest. A brace for Ben and Rob aswell as some fantastic defending by Chris H enabled us to ease passed (Past?) the opposition and notch up our first points of the season. Excellent stuff all, next stop Angel. On a different note, I rather like the wonderful attempt at Ben's surname on the top scorers chart.

Results Wed 12 May
AJ's 1 v 0 Angel
Beverley Knights 0 v 2 Deportivo
Not Very Athletic 4 v 1 MW Sunday

Fixtures Wed 19 May:
Deportivo v Borussia Teeth 7:30pm
Angel v Not Very Athletic 7:30pm
MW sunday v Beverley Knights 7:30pm


Top scorers table (rather Notvery top heavy):

Full fixtures list:

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  1. I think Rob not Dave got the other goal, the top scorers chart never lies. See Jay's post. Either that or Rob gave the names in.

  2. Corrected. If it was ever wrong.