Friday, 4 June 2010

England mirror the NVA

There are a fair few similarities between the England team and the mighty Notvery and this fact is not diminished by the injury to Rio Ferdinand:

Difficult to choose the better keeper of the two available, current incumbant having some serious problems with his distribution.

Injury to key defender:
Chris Harley, NVA's main defensive man and backup captain recently picked up a knock , the same has happened to Rio Ferdinand who does the same job for England.

Striker that scores a hatful of goals but not neccessarily when it matters:
Ben has 4 goals to his name already, but missed a few opportunities to win it against AJ's and Black Socks. Rooney scores plenty in the premiership but can he do it when England really need it, or does he just wander around getting grumpy?

And finally both teams have a player that doesn't train and has trouble playing two games on the trot.

So with these similarities will it be England for the world cup and NVA for the championship. Or both sets of players down the pub crying into their beer way before the end of their respective tournaments?

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  1. im a bit of a Gareth Barry - carrying a ligament injury but im going to swear blind il be fit for the next game, even tho everyone knows i wont i just want to be on that car to bishop burton!