Wednesday, 8 September 2010

People's Champions!

Weighton Utd crowned Back 2 Back Champions!

On a beautiful September night it was Weighton Utd who walked away with the cup to make it back to back wins after a nervy penalty shoot-out against Not Very Athletic.

The group stages saw each team play 3 games, with the top team from each group plus the best second place of the three groups progressing into the knock-outs. (see results below)

The first semi saw NVA v 110 played out a goal less draw and moved into a penalty shootout to decide the winner. 110 took an early advantage after a save by their keeper gave them a 1-0 score after the first round of kicks, however NVA keeper Will 'Cat' Collins made a save from 110's final kick to bring it level. In sudden death it was the composure of NVA which proved vital and saw them into the final - a great achievement for a team which battled to finish anywhere but last in the league for the first three seasons.

The second semi was much of the same, with Weighton Utd v Waterside unable to break the deadlock. Dan Moore (Waterside) and Martin Moss (Weighton) had their usual tough and bruising but fair battle for supremacy, with neither giving an inch. Again penalties proved vital to seperate the teams. Moss stepped up first and put last years final miss well and truly behind him with a smashed shot. Everyone else scored until it was down to Moore. Unfortunatley it was not his night. After missing a kick in the group stages (saved excellently by the Borussia keepers stacked stomach muscles!), redemption wasn't on Dan's side, and his kick was saved again to send Waterside crashing out in their final Soccer Sixes appearance. Before the celebrations, Moss was already on to Moore to try and recruit him to the Weighton side for the coming season!

In an unfamiliar position NVA did not look over come in their most important match to date, and played pretty well throughout the final. However it was a game of defence reather than attack, with Moss(Weighton) and Harley (NVA) looking solid at the back for their respective teams. After an back and forth 10mins, the ref had to call on panalties again to decide this years Champions.

NVA again went behind in the first round, before keeper Collins made an amazing save with his face from a powerblaster of a shot. seeing 7 balls instead of 1, Collins was close to making another save on a couple of ocassions, but the kicks ultimately went through all 6 outfield players and onto the keepers. Weighton's keeper tucked his penalty away before the star seeing collins stepped up. Before the ref had chance to toot his whistle, Will had stroked a beautiful kick into the bottom corner, but the ref had no choice but to insist on a re-take as the whistle to signal the kick had not been blown. Much to the chargrin on the NVA boys, Collins stepped up again but this time his kick was saved and Weighton were Champions!

NVA walked away with a medal round their neck, their heads held high and the accolade of 'Peoples Champions' being chanted from the crowds.


Group One - 110 7pts,Weighton Utd 6pts, Angel Athletic 4pts, Inter Buckle 0pts

Weighton 0-1 110

Angel 1-0 Inter Buckle

Weighton 1-0 Inter Buckle

Angel 0-0 110

Weighton 1-0 Angel

110 1-0 Inter Buckle

Group Two - Waterside 6pts, Borussia Teeth 5pts, Deportivo 2pts, Mauled FC 2pts

Depo 1-1 Borussia

Mauled FC 0-1 Waterside

Waterside 1-0 Deportivo

Borussia 0-0 Mauled FC

Mauled FC 0-0 Depo

Waterside 0-1 Borussia

Group Three - Not Very Athletic 7pts, Little Scamps 4pts, Onetouchables 2pts, MW Sunday 2pts

MW 0-1 Scamps

NVA 1-0 Onetouchables

MW 0-0 Onetouchables

NVA 1-0 Scamps

MW 0-0 NVA

Scamps 0-0 Onetouchables

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