Friday, 29 October 2010

Don't listen to that Uzzell fella...

Results Wed 27 Oct:

NVA 1 v 0 Little Scamps
Athletico Pathetico 3 v 0 Mauled FC
Angel 0 v 2 Weighton Sunday

Fixtures Wed 3 November:

Little Scamps v Weighton Sunday
Mauled FC v Angel
NVA v Athletico Pathetico - All 7:30pm KO

Note: Football is a game of opinions and our match this week was no different, there was Referee Uzzells opinion of the game and the correct opinion of the game, both are outlined below.

Weighton almost there as NVA beat Scamps...

Not Very Athletic v Little Scamps - Mr Uzzell's opinion

NVA won this one by 1 v 0, but the score line didn’t tell the whole story. It was a strange game in which Scamps dominated possession with a fine passing display only to be denied by the NVA keeper who flung himself around like a slightly aging leaping salmon. Yet, it was NVA, who despite playing an abject long ball game for long spells, had the more clear cut chances. It is a good job Kennington scored the winner, as his team mates may have lynched him after he missed his 2nd penalty of the season and also completely air shoted the ball when it seemed harder to miss. Scamps were left feeling dejected at the final whistle and NVA relieved. - Report by Uzzell

Not Very Athletic v Little Scamps - The correct opinion

A one nil victory for the NVA suggests a close game but this was not the case, NVAs tactics for the game were spot on and, with some improved finishing, the scoreline could easily have been 3 or four nil.
The start of the game was all Scamps possession, matched by some excellent NVA defending and even though they had possession for a full thre minutes all Scamps could manage was a wayward shot from nearer the half way line than the penalty area, this was a prime example of how the rest of the game panned out. Scamps had more of the possession but could do nothing with it wheras NVA made good use of the ball whenever it was in their control, allowing the Scamps to come onto them before hitting them on the counter with fast moving, slick football. Scamps may have been guilty of overattacking what they perceived to be a an inferior side and the NVA tactics took perfect advantage of this, with the Scamps keeper being the far busier of the two. Scamps never looked like scoring wheras NVA looked like they could with every attack, taking the full three points even after missing not only a penalty but a hatful of one on one chances. Not only did the usual NVA keeper, on one of his few appearances outfield, pierce the Scamps defence setting up a clear goalscoring opportunity but even the current gloveman managed to hit the bar!

Athletico Pathetico v Mauled FC

On form Athletico made a new signing tonight, 'Willow' from Barcelona, making a guest appearance, made a smashing debut for Athletico, even getting on the scoresheet! Atletico started off well on top, the passing was played about in Mauled FC 's half and it was switched across to Scott Medlin who was free on the left, he took a good touch and placed it into the goal well played! The pressure carried on as Athletico dominated the play. Willow managed to battle his way through the Mauled defence and he was one on one with the goal keeper and smashed it in, although Lee Stephenson in goal very nearly made the save! 2 nil!. The sides came out after half time and it was very much the same as the 1st half! The pressure mounted on Mauled as the ball was played across the box but their defender stepped into the box - penalty! Gray stepped up to take it smashed it to right hand corner but it looked as if the keeper had made the save but it slipped into the goal! 3-0. Sanders didnt have much to do in goal for Athletico in this game and Scott Medlin had great game! The unbeaten run goes on for Athletico - Report ny Jacko

Weighton Sunday Vs Angel didn't appear to be on Jays Profile. Must have been a dull one.


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