Thursday, 14 October 2010

A rather unfortunate affair

With no substitutions available you would have expected fatigue to play an even larger role than usual on the match but every NVA player ran till the very last second, even the keeper was strutting around in his area like a spider in a sink.
The early play was a fairly even affair, no clear chances on goal at either end but with some nice football being played in the centre of the pitch by both sides. Then, after receiving the ball on the edge of his own semi circle, Chris Harley appeared to make a decision. He saw a gap through the centre and blasted into it, the opposition didn't seem comfortable with someone running at them with pace and Chris made the most of it making it deep into enemy territory before dropping an inch perfect pass to Rob on the edge of their box. Rob did what was needed, putting the ball neatly into the back of their net and top of the league Weighton were in shock. The rest of the first half saw some shots on goal at either end, with some good saves from the NVA keeper, but no more goals were scored leaving the scoreline at 1 - 0 to the NVA at the half time whistle.
The NVA team talk consisted of an urge not to panic, being 1 - 0 up at half time is not a situation which the NVA are used to being in, unfortunately the talk did not have the desired effect and the NVA players were definitely on edge during the second half. An early goal for Weighton did not help this and although NVA were playing as well as their opposition when with the ball, they were looking more frail when defending against it. The second Weighton goal was caused partly by the oppositions superior fitness, and inferior years, and partly due to some desperate tackles from the NVA where just standing the opposition was all that was required. Weighton counter attacked and the NVA midfield were unable to get back to help out their out-numbered defence, Weighton pushed the ball out wide to their overlapping player and he buried it passed the flailing keeper.
A disappointing end to a game in which NVA were arguably the better side and a scoreline which drops us further towards the mire at the bottom of the table, however every player played his heart out and should be proud of the performance, if not the result. In my opinion everyone earnt their hat today.

We wear the Yellow.

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