Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A victory write up for once!

Right you lot, I've got Auntiemental classes tonight so I won't be pulling on the Yellow. No sneaky getting beat while I'm away.

Results Wed 29 Sept:

Little Scamps 3 v 0 Weighton Sunday
Mauled 0 v 1 Angel
NVA 1 v 0 Athletico

Fixtures Wed 6 Oct:

Athletico v Little Scamps
Angel v NVA
Weighton Sunday v Mauled FC

Scamps go top with victory over Weighton...

Weighton Sunday v Little Scamps

In what was billed as a bit of a grudge match after the previous encounter between these two side got a bit tasty, the game actually passed off without incident as Scamps cruised it 3 v 0 against Weighton Sunday. Heathcote scored two and Naylor got one as their dominance showed. Surprisingly, MW heads went down quickly as they fell behind and this seemed to play right into the hand of Scamps who used their superior fitness to give Weighton a bit of a run around. Elvidge and Co will be looking for a big improvement next week, and you never know, their player manager may even make his first appearance off the bench in 3 seasons... then again, maybe not. - Report By Uzzell

NVA v One Touchables

This started off quite even with both teams creating chances. The breakaway came midway through first half when Hebblethwaite had a great dribble and laid it off to Stark who smashed it away; 1-0 NVA! The second half was pretty much the same with both teams creating chances and a Onetouchable nearly got the equaliser when their forward thundered his effort off one post onto the other. It had beaten the keeper but couldn't find its way over the line. NVA 1 - 0 Onetouchables. - Report by Jacko

Mauled FC v Angel

Angel turned up with only 5 players (a couple having spat their dummies after last week's result!), but managed to draft in a guest player prior to kick off. The game wasn't a pretty affair but did have moments of quality, not least a couple of great solo runs from Marcel Velia and some top saves from both keepers. Chances were created at each end but it was not a night for the forward players. Angel took the lead mid way through the second half. Velia brought the ball forward, it was played out wide and then nudge back inside perfectly, to be struck as clean as you like into the top corner from fully twenty yards, giving the Mauled keeper Lee Stevenson no chance. MOM went to Angel Garcia, who was very disciplined in his defensive duties, particularly in the second half, as his team pressed for a goal. - Report by Jay

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