Thursday, 11 November 2010

We got there in the end...

The last game of the season had a very end of season vibe about it not surprisingly...

We were shorn of our leader with Bill off tending to baby Willow (congrats again guys), Japanese George made his second appearance and remains unbeaten in the yellow (not sure many others can claim that!) Angel lined up without three of their normal threats, and it soon became apparent the replacements were not really up to the job, as we knocked it about comfortably for the first five minutes. Midway through the first half the goal our play deserved finally came an inaccurate throw from thier keeper was met by Ben's head. Ben's header found Rob clean through without a defender in sight and he did the rest.

So far so good, then we got complacent...

Bouyed by a couple of decent bursts from the back i decided to take them on pretty much everytime i had the ball, which generally worked OK but did lead to a couple of hairy moments, nothing we couldn't deal with though. Then i tried a new approach of passing their striker the ball directly, he knocked it to his mate and they were level. Oops.

We still had all the ball and were missing countless chances up top aside from a dodgy moment when Al decided to go all 'juggler' on us on his goal line before eventually gathering the ball.

We were pressing hard at this point for a winner with pretty much everyone up front, chances came and went and we were getting desperate.

One moment they had three men advancing on an isolated Al and it looked lik we might throw away all three points, but the big man kept them out before unleasehing one of his famous long balls which Rob took it down nicely before finally knocking in another goal.

Collective sighs of relief and three points in the bag. Unfortunately Black Sox/Untouchables/Athletico Pathetico shorn of their new striker reverted to type and claimed a nil nil with scamps allowing them to finish above us for the first time.

A couple of weeks off then it's cup night again, where we need to prove it was not a fluke.

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