Thursday, 20 January 2011

On a roll

NVA stretched their, already impressive, unbeaten record this season with a 3 - 1 victory over Angel. The 'midfield ricochet' halfway line effect was considerably less noticable as the midfield tracked back to defend whenever needed and it also appears that Rob used up all his chance missing in the preseason friendly, netting two goals with some good finishing, his hat trick only being prevented by the goalkeeper's studs.
Ben also managed a couple of powerful shots, one of which was hit so hard that if your sky box suddenly lost the signal from its satellite that shot was probably the reason.
Angel's goal came directly after halftime with a run straight from the kickoff, I think we were too distracted by Rob's 'don't let in a quick goal after half time like we usually do' half time team talk and let in a quick goal after half time like we usually do.
Dave Gadie finished off Angel's hopes of sharing the points with a goal created by sheer persistence on his part, causing their defender to inexplicably not be able to pass two foot back to his keeper. Angel had some chances, with Al making a couple of saves, but overall our defence stood firm, especially with the extra help from the midfield. Energy levels all over the pitch seemed higher this week and that was without our fittest player, lets keep it up lads.
I believe this result leaves us top of the table, with the highest goal difference and two of the top scorers in the golden boot table but let's remember, we had a very similar start to last season and ended up below the black socks. For the reason highlighted below this can never happen again.

Also of note is a new cup to be introduced into the league, the 'yet to be named' cup. This will be given to whichever team out of us and the Black sox/Athletic Pathetico finish highest in the league. So guys with that cup, the league and the cup proper to come we are up for the triple, handily most of the players in our squad are usually up for a triple of anything.

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  1. Didn't we have shit start last season?? Two straight defeats i think to Weighton Sunday and Scamps??

  2. Sssh you. I was speaking, er, metaphorically, does that get me off the hook?