Thursday, 27 January 2011

The 'Untouchables' lose their touch

NVA's undefeated run was finally ended by a well organised and more importantly very fit opposition, two traits that you would hope to find in a team assembled from her majestys armed forces. To be honest if they had brought their tanks with them it wouldn't have made it much more of a one sided affair.

NVA held out for around ten minutes before the waves of troops finally broke through, every time we tackled one there was another following up and another and another. Panic appeared to set in in the second half with our pass completion rate to them considerably higher than our pass completion rate to ourselves. They could have scored more than three, with Al being the main man in preventing this with some excellent saves although I think we all should get some credit for his excellent glovework as it is us that allow the opposition to give him so much practice.
NVA's play was epitomized from a kickoff, as the ball was passed to our midfielder from the centre he was still wandering off the other way looking dejected like someone had stolen his teddy and only just managed to react in time to prevent them breaking straight through.
As for highlights of NVA's play It is hard to find any, I did a sliding tackle that I was rather proud of and left me with a nice wound and also, after I had been subbed onto the sidelines, one of the opposition players accused me of 'looking like a player'. That's something I've not been accused of before.
Fitness was again the key in this one, not something we can do a whole lot about. Playing against teams of a similar fitness to us I would rate our chances but such a big difference means it seems like we are playing against 10 men. 10 fit men. With guns.
We Can only thank the heavens that team NVA managed to pick up a medal in the quiz.

P.S. if you see Chris Harley in the near future, do ask him how his fantasy football is going, he does like it so. Oh and while you're at it remind him of his 'at least you'll be sure to beat Bill' quip at the start of the season. Champions league, yer having a laugh...

P.P.S I apologise for threatening to strangle Miss Hannah Burnitt, and all the other people in her car, on Facebook last night. This threat was a genuine typing error and if she tells anyone anything different I'll fooking kill her.

Women shouldn't be allowed to drive anyhoo...

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