Thursday, 3 March 2011

Damaged ankles, damaged pride.

Firstly I would like to apolgise to Al for my failure to return his England top. Hannah washed it and folded it up nicely, but I failed to bring it along. I am truly sorry.

Secondly I would like to spell apologise correctly.

Also, cheers for last week's write up Chris, some excellent use of words and stuff.

The biggest game of the season and this is what I get:

Sorry Will, calf's not cleared up from Sunday, I can take some pictures though.

Sorry Will, I have put my career before the NVA and am currently at a seminar in Manchester.

Sorry Will, ankles still a bit sore, might be able to go in goal.

Sorry Will, I have something better to do with my time.

We have seven full time squad members and I get big girlie excuses from 4 of them. Injury crisis methinks.

Fortunately I later on heard this:

'Certainly Will, I would love to pull on the Yellow. Ever since hearing about the NVA I have dreamed of nothing else'

'I have consulted my army of ants and they think I should play, so I'm in'

'I can come out of goal and rend then asunder, if that helps'

Crisis somewhat averted.

With Chris H injured (Calf), Dave B otherwise engaged (seminar), Dave G a bit injured (torn glove) and Starky unavailable (er, unavailable) things were looking rather dicey for a game that could, if we won it, guarantee us second place (The highest place we could get without getting promoted and therefore getting gupped for the whole of next season). However Burnley Chris, a nine feet tall man mountain and Ant man Nick, a nine feet wide man mountain (in a good way, so the ladies tell me) stepped up to the plate to help us out. Burnley Chris has actually offered his services full time, an offer which I have gratefully received. Also the Gadie glove disaster was averted by sticking him in goal, where he got some nice big gloves, and giving Al a run outfield.

The match started well, as is usually the case. They had more of the ball but our defending was solid, as was Gadie in goal and there was not much threat to the scoreline. At the other end we were also creating some chance, with the opposition leaving some big gaps, especially down the left flank. Chris and Nick settled in well Chris' legs intercepting the ball from at least 2 metres away and Nick putting in some excellent tackles and letting the opposition know he was there. Ben received the ball on the edge of their box but it simply would not sit for him and his shot went wide.
As the game continued we began to slow, this was evident whenever our keeper received the ball, nobody pushed out, meaning that when the ball was pumped upfield the majority of our players were still on the edge of our box fifty yards away from Rob, giving him little chance of holding onto it, although we were able to exploit the big gaps down their flanks from a few of the long kicks.

near the beginning of the second half 110 scored, changing the game as it meant that we had to commit more men, this lead to an almost instant second goal for them, leaving us a mountain to climb. ironically the opposition probably spend alot of time running up mountains, probably with tanks on their back. Our need to score and their considerably higher fitness levels began to show and a third goal came not long after, although it was a long range effort that Gadie was unable to pick up on as it came out of a sea of players.

Although pulling three goals back was unlikely we carried on working and some good play and pressure on their defence ended with them being forced into a direct backpass giving us a free kick on the edge of their box. Free kicks are usually of little use in this form of the game, however the opposition forgot to do anything about it so ,after a nod to the ref and a quick shrug of the shoulders, Rob simply leathered into the bottom right corner.

The game finished 3 - 1, which was a reasonably fair scoreline, they were more organised and as usual, more fit and it was this that made the difference in the end.

At some stage in the match I chased down a lost cause nearly nicking it off the defender, Nick had a chance on goal and Ben made a good run down the middle, However I can't remember when these things happened. Dave also made a couple of excellent saves, however the exact time that these occured eludes me also.

I woke up this morning with a rather painful ankle, so it would appear that dodgy ankles are contagious, I shall spend the next 3 days in an oxygen tent in an attempt to be ready to play for NVA sunday.

Thankyou to our ringers, without these two we wouldn't have been playing and welcome Burnley Chris to the NVA fold. You've started in probably our hardest match, it's all goals and glory from here. Possibly.

We wear the yellow.

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  1. 'Girlie Excuses', says the bloke who cried off with a bit of man flu the week before!

  2. The important word in that sentence being 'Man'.