Tuesday, 22 March 2011

NVA & Meerkats in Bore Draw...zzzzz....zzzzz...

Jays Report on last weeks action, pretty accurate really so can't be arsed to write any more...

I searched Google images for "Football Sleep" and this image came up, so i thought i'd pop it in.

Results Wed 16 March:

Meerkats 0 v 0 NVA; Athletico 0 v 0 Mauled FC; Angel 0 v 6 ONE10

Meerkats are the Champions...

The evening started on a knife edge, with the Meerkats needing only a single point to claim victory. They even had the goal difference to suffer a loss and theoretically still win the league, with a 6 goal cushion over second place 110.

NVA v Meerkats.

Both teams started well in this vital fixture, with the Meerkats looking to seal the Championship and NVA looking to finish a glorious season in style with a big scalp. The passing was crisp and the energy rate was strong from both sides. There were a few half chances at either end, but nothing the caused too much concern. the nearest effort came from the thumping boot of Johnny Hardcastle, who unleashed a fierce drive from mid way into the NVA half. Unfortunately he was narrowly wide of the target and Big Al in goals never looked to worried.


ONE10 v Angel
Angel had the misfortune of facing a 110 team that gave their best ever performance and one that if they repeat in the top division next season will have a few of the top teams worried. Angel didn’t play badly, but found themselves blown away as 110 won 6 v 0. 110 based their game on a solid base in defence and midfield along with the silky skills of Mosquito and the goal threat of the division’s top scorer McLachlan up front. Time and again 110 ripped through Angel with short sharp passing and intelligent movement with McLachlan firing in a fantastic four goals , Mosquito hit one and Downing adding another with a powerful drive. Chances were few and far between for Angel, with Marcel wasting the few half chances that came Angel’s way. Magnificent victory for the army lads.
Back on pitch 1...
The second half started with Meerkats playing more reserved football, which grew as the half went on, to the point over borrowing the Athletico bus at times. At the back, Des was controling the pace of the game for the Kats, whilst the frustrated NVA players found it difficult to get hold of the ball. On the odd busrt forward, the Kats wasted possession around the half way mark, but worked tirelessly to win the ball back. The three back players for NVA (Hebblethwaite, Brinham and Harley all played their part in stiffling the Meerkats when the did break. In the end the Kats saw out the clock and apologised to their opposition for being so boring, but it was job done and Championship won!

Mauled v Athletico

Unfortunately this game was so short of life that referee Jacko has refused to write a report, stating that the only incidents he could report on were the two kick-offs!

Also worth noting that Dave Brinham was absolutely phenomenal in our final game and was player of the season by a mile... he has been bitchin that he never gets a mention in the write ups (probably because I always overshadow him, and Bill normally writes them and clearly doesn't rate him) so I thought i'd give him a little shout. Jay has acknowledged your prowess this week anyway Dave, so i don't know why I bothered really.

All in all, our best ever season, tinged with a little regret that we did not really push for promotion. If we could just get shot of them pesky Army teams with their tanks and their bombs ...and their bombs and their guns...

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