Thursday, 16 June 2011

On another day...

Things didn’t look too promising in the build up to this game. A text from Ben in the morning claiming his unexplained unavailability was not a good start, I could only assume that Jesus man had convinced him that those that play football all go to hell, especially those that play in Satan’s yellow. I was unlikely to play due to a dodgy ankle, possibly still in shock from scoring the week before and Simon was unfortunately unavailable as he had something better to do. Mr East stepped up to fill the void, as he always does when required and so we at least had six. The opposition have been looking pretty handy in previous weeks, so we took the bus with us.
On arriving at the pitch I saw Ben sitting on the floor in his kit putting his boots on, it appears that Jesus man had not only repented but had even healed Ben’s dodgy toe for him to boot, excuse the pun, so we not only had a team but also had a sub. Nice.
Warm up was also not too promising, we seemed to be more intent on injuring each other than anything else, culminating in Mr Brinham getting hit square in, well, the Brinhams. Unfortunately he was jumping at the time so the legs were a kimbo; He was not a happy bunny for a while, but recovered in time to take his place in the yellow wall.
Our Rob usually leaves it late to show up for matches, but as the whistle blew he still had not arrived so Mr Gadie took his place up top.
They kicked off, passed it around for a bit without really getting anywhere then took a speculative shot. Unfortunately the shot went in, making us one nil down without having touched the ball. Our heads could have gone down there and then, still no sign of Rob and losing already, but they didn’t. We kicked off and got stuck in, Mr East especially, played some nice football and matched them for large periods of the first half much to their surprise and indeed to ours. We didn’t pose much threat on their goal, although Dave did flick on a long ball from Al nicely but couldn’t quite chase it down.
Second half we were under the cosh a bit more, things were getting a bit niggly and this was being spurned on by Easty’s less meaty tackles in the midfield. They had the ball mostly but were still not looking like scoring and we occasionally looked like we could get something on the break. There second goal was unfortunately, Al saved well onto the post but the ball dribbled back behind him and the spin on it took it off his body and dribbling over the line. The rest of the game continued in a similar vein and at the final whistle the score remained 2 nil. Both goals were a little soft and we could, on another day easily have come away with a point, especially as Rob had not arrived so we had played the game with no subs available.
Man of the match is a difficult choice this week, there was no stand out player as everyone did their job. But If I had to choose one, which I do, I would probably go for Mr Brinham; solid at the back with some nice attacking passes, all this done with his testicles resting in his shoes.

Oh, and for those that were wondering no, Rob didn’t show up. Naughty Rob, no biscuit.


Nearer the bottom than the top now, unfortunately.

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