Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Not the best start but certainly not the worst


3 points off the Jeff pace already. Not so gutted about the performance though, two good goals and only the two unfortunate own goals that made the difference, just need to sort it out at the back a little. As this is the first game of the season how about some feedback from you lot. Say it like it is, if people need to do something different lets tell them.

My two pennys worth:
All in all not a bad performance, just need a bit more organisation which I suppose is down to the manager.
Paul, stopped scoring at our end
Dave, stand off a bit instead of running out of defence when they're coming at us, stay goal side.

Chris needs to decide/know where he's playing, in the middle and getting up there in my opinion. I found myself further up than him when I was in defence, although this may well be my bad.

All of us, except Dave who generally makes himself available, Give Al, and Dave when he receives from Al, more options out of goal, I think I am especially bad at running off up the other end instead of using the middle of the park.

Maybe we all need to try to go passed someone a bit more, when it is safe to do so of course. So there you go, my opinions based on nearly two whole years playing the game.

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  1. We were in control until the 2 own goals scored by me. I think there's a lack of running back in the later stages of the game, maybe due to fitness or just heads were down after going behind. I don't mind having a go in the centre midfield if it keeps me away from our goal :D

  2. Scoring two own goals is not going to get you out of defence, ya know. Looked good back there, mostly.