Thursday, 24 November 2011

Week 2

A whole game without scoring a single own goal, unfortunately they scored three of their own.

This week's man of the match, brought to you by Busted Brinham was Ricko or Rico or possibly Riko.

Scoring structure:
played 1 point
clean sheet keeper 4 points
clean sheet defender 2 points
assist 2 points
scored 3 points
sent off -1 point
missed penalty -2 points
own goal -2 points
Brinham's man of the match 2 points

Being manager: 100 points per season.

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  1. Brinham, you are way off the pace, please up your game.

  2. Whats the scoring structure again bill?

  3. Post updated to include scoring structure.

  4. Im getting the feeling being classed as a midfielder aint gonna get me very far in this seasons competition!! Even though im often at the back covering with Chris!!! oh well......