Thursday, 10 May 2012

Season over, Season begins

Season over, with a rather interesting finale. Not bottom, not even second bottom, but third bottom! What a team. Next season let's go mid table guys.

Yellow boot to be decided next week from the spot.

Fantasy football
Chris wins. Saw that coming to be honest.
Yellow Boot
No one wins, rather like tic-tac-toe for all those that have seen Wargames.

Proposed new scoring system for Fantasy Football:

For Black Sox games all points are doubled, negative and positive

played 1 point
clean sheet keeper 4 points
clean sheet defender 3 points
clean sheet midfield 1 point
assist 2 points
scored 3 points
man of the match 2 points
Being left footed 10 points

Blue card -1
Red Card -2
missed penalty -2
own goal -2
disobeying manager -2
two goals conceded defender/keeper -1
three plus goals conceded defender/keeper -2
three plus goals conceded midfield -1

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  1. Blue Card -1
    Red Card -3

    I think a goal should be 4.

  2. Forgot about blue cards. Goals should, in theory be more common than clean sheets so shouldn't be worth as much. Was my theory.