Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Jeff is ours!

Firstly well played all for an excellent end to the season, carry on like this and we could be aiming for our first top half finish ever.
Congratulations to Easty (ever think I'd been saying that for anything football related?) on his Fantasy Football victory, I'm sure Chris will pass the trophy over to you at the first available opportunity after adding your name to it (as is the NVA tradition I just made up). I have just noticed that I should be above Ben on the table now, but considering I played three times as many games and only topped him by three points it seems fair for him to stay up there.
And congratulations to Andy who, after smashing in what seemed like a goal every 14.73 seconds, has claimed the Yellow boot trophy. You'll be knocking Tommo off the top of the league highest scorers table next season I'd wager.

I also think we need a special mention for Dave G who managed to come second on both charts, and was top of them for quite some time. Unlucky bud but well played, next season maybe?

Week off next week to recover from our celebrations of retaining Jeff and then it's the cup. About time we won that, isn't it? We Wear The Yellow (not Si and Andy's team on Sundays)

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