Wednesday, 30 July 2008

***Breaking news*** calls for a new challenge

Ok so we can produce in front of a home crowd (Hannah) and on home soil but can we produce such startling form away from home?

Alex and I have been discussing the possibility of some team away days. Games in Derby and/or nottingham with an overnight stay are possible as is a weekend down to kent to play a kentish team (mainly my chums) and possibly one from London. John has even offered to drive a minibus for us.

This is just a preliminary mention to see how many people would be up for such an event, please post here if you would be or wouldn't be interested. Cheers,

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  1. Count me in, I might be able to get some opposition in London somewhere possibly.

    They may be arty creative types though.

  2. I`m definitely in.

  3. I'm in, obviously.

    How about we increase our ROI by roughing it (ie, you f*off big tent, Will) and spending more on alcohol?

    Actually, thinking that through again, I'll be driving, so if it is only 1 night over, we better get an early start so I can drink... or a 3 day event... or... no one can drink! :P

    No... just kidding, honest.

  4. I'm lovin the idea of camping out, can we have a fire and sing songs too???.

  5. I'll bring the big tent. Matt can bring the guitar. May as well make himself of some use to the team, slacker that he is.

  6. Staying in tents is good for the soul(and wallet)

  7. it's not looking likely for me