Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Training session six

It was another fine day at The WMpS stadium and as we warmed up outside the arena, waiting for Kenny to open the gate, it was reminiscent of the substitutes on the touchline at Old Trafford itself. Except we're not a bunch of overpaid diving wusses.

Chris almost gave his team, and the whole game, a dream start with a deftly executed backheel leaving the keeper, which unfortunately was me, left standing aghast. As the ball rolled towards the goal seemingly in slow motion, everybody stopped to watch only to see it bounce harmlessly off the back post. Seeing such near perfect success from his backheel Chris spent the first ten minutes of the match doing little else, almost running around backwards for most of it.

With the scoring at both ends kept low by some decent goalkeeping a perfectly executed accidental trick put me passed Mr Huggins and clean through on goal, only to be denied by my lack of finishing.

Colin was also denied a perfect scoring opportunity by some 'creative' defending by Chris G. The crowd, if there had been one, would surely have been baying for his blood and the ref, had there been one, would have been reaching for his pocket.

Chris Harley then came again to the fore, after a mix up in the reds defence, with a brave and well executed 6 inches off the ground 1 foot out of the goal mouth diving/kneeling header which powered slowly into the bottom corner. Calls for a penalty instead of the goal we're ignored and Chris skipped away in glee.

Half time came and went and with it came some renew rigour and real end to end stuff, with many corners being curled into the box, unfortunately with little success. Dan was in goal for the reds and tended to drift out of his area a litte, Tom, in goal at the other end, spotted this and went for some goalkeeping glory. Unfortunately his long range attempt barely reached halfway before bouncing out for a throw, personally I think that deserved a 50p fine.

Rob had a perfectly finished goal, that clearly hit the back of the net, disallowed for no real reason. Yet more blatent cheating by those dressed in blue, or yellow, or wasp outfits or anything but red.

Having been continually thwarted by Mike's defending I thought I had finally found a way passed him when I accidentally leathered the ball into his 'family jewels' however he still managed, although staggering somewhat, to clear the ball.

As the players tired defence became more and more non existent and long balls seemed to be the way forward. With Luke clearing effort after effort into the stratosphere one end Chris H tried an attempted long range shot at the other. Fortunately for him his massively sliced kick skewed directly cross pitch to the feet of Jk who's deft finish was well saved.

Alex made a real attempt to aid the coffers of the club with a curling, upwards unfortunately, shot that somehow ricocheted off the top of the surrounding fence and back onto the pitch. The relief at saving himself 50p was written all over his face.

Overall fitness and skill levels still continue to rocket upwards like a Luke clearance, go ROIl Madrid!

At the debriefing session in Nellies afterwards we discovered that what Luke would like for his birthday, above all else, is a midget.

1. Chris H's backheel
2. Chris H's headed goal
3. Rob and Lukes excellent goalkeeping
4. Toms long range effort
5. Alex's money saving fluke hoof.

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  1. The Harley Header did it for me!

    PS; No fitness this week as it is my last day in work for some time, so I'm expecting last minute (bad) surprises).

    Fitness will resume 21st August (yeah, I know - ages away!)

  2. I am still reeling (and with a mini bruise on my eye) from the burrows blast that snipered me in the head (despite being teammates). Reading back over the blog it makes Chris sound like ronaldo or something so any negative comments should be added to balance it out. Can anyone remember any blunders or cheats that could bring him down a level?


  3. His long range shot that ended up as a cross pitch sliced pass was a little embaressing, as was his girly giggle fit afterwards.

  4. I thought it was a well balanced article myself.

    Please do not compare me to that greasy ManUre player though. Unless you meant the original fat Brazilian, in which case that's fine.

  5. Michael `no` Ballacks.30 July 2008 at 17:18

    Those were my nuts that got crushed by the ball! You have killed off what pitiful sex life remained. I suppose I should thank you really for putting me out of my misery.

  6. My apologys Mr no Ballacks, i have corrected the reference to the owner of the groin in question.