Friday, 18 July 2008

Second CV session

A rather lower than hoped attendence again for the latest FREE, HEALTHY and FUN C.V. session, a measley total of 4 people attended (and that is including John). If those three 19 year old girls in bikinis hadn't asked to join in we would have been a rather pitiful bunch. They were rather good at the star jumps though, don't ya think?

Next week is to be a benchmarking session, so that once a month we can see how much we've improved, so it would be an excellent time for everyone to start joining in.

Thankyou again to John for running the show and to Alex, Mike and myself for showing up to it. A few more weeks like this and we'll be running rings round the rest of this lazy lot.

Highlight for me was the dog vs cow standoff:

(oh and the star jumps mentioned previously)

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  1. Would have been there if I wasn't ill!

  2. Fair enough I suppose, I mean that man flu can be a killer.

  3. I had sleeping practice.

  4. Will, as you are not with us next week and you've attended all sessions to date, I'll put the BPFA (Basic Physical Fitness Assessment) off until the week after.

    For the rest of you horrible lot (and the sick few whom enjoy this!) it will be the usual fun & games for the 22nd.

    Thanks again to the usuals who came along and put max effort in (it really showed!) and I look forward to more coming along next week for fun, Fun, FUN! :D

  5. Cool! i was getting worried, I hate to miss out on a good benchmarking!