Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Training session 4

Hot weather, football, cola bottles and strawberry Ribena. It was like school summer holidays all over again, apart from the pain in my right calf muscle.

We had 2 players debut this time round, Dan Hale and J.K. and both proceeded to make me feel even worse at football than I originally thought. The overall skill level was considerably higher, and the fitness levels had again improved, proving that it is true that exercise is good for you. After the first football session I wasn't convinced that this was the case.

Mike Huggins gets the much sought after accolade, mainly sought after by me the goit, of scoring our very first headed goal. His Mum should be most proud.

I got myself on the fines score sheet with a fine miskicked volley over the surrounding fence. Tom McKenzie was disappointingly quiet on the fines front but some hoofs by Rob , John and Colin kept the money rolling into the coffers.

On a more serious note the ROIl Madrid website is our next agenda.Thankyou to Chris Harley and John for what they have done so far. Anybody that has any ideas, schemes, suggestions or tax dodges either slap 'em on the discussion group which has been created on this very blog or talk to Alex or John or Chris or somebody.

Unfortunately due to the state of the economy and the increases in inflation mentioned in most of the papers yesterday the match fee is from now on increased to £2 per game or £20 for 10 games. Still a good price considering we have the pitch for nearly two hours.

I won't be attending next weeks session as WMpS are letting me out on parole for a whole week, so I shall leave Alex in charge, not that I've actually asked him yet. Although that depends on when you're reading this sentence so I might have done. Does it really matter? Leave me alone! Ahhh the voices.....

As I had to depart early the only thing left to do now is found out which one of you scoundrels has got my football. Oh and return Toms T-shirt that I accidentally thieved.


1. 'Uggins's headed goal
2. Dan’s sweat patch on the front of his t-shirt that ended up looking like Donnie Darko!
Donnie Darko plays for Web Marketplace Solutions FC!
3. My full pitch run (well it was a highlight for me!)
4. The excellent debuts of both J.K. and Dan


Oh my god, I paid Kenny! That darn Kenny showed up and we actually had to pay for the pitch, wheres the justice in that?
Web Marketplace Solutions Football Club (WMpS FC)

Th, th, th, th, th, thats all folks.

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  1. I felt sick all game but apart from that I had fun. I blame the excessive heat for my ills.
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