Monday, 9 March 2009

Here's how it's gonna roll, homies.

Meet at bishop burton at around 18.30, bit of time to warm up and remind our legs how they work exactly. there is a little map pinned near Karl's bonce with directions on it, this map is also attached to this Email, as well as placed on the blog:

Time on pitch:

We will try to keep it fair, if you turn up you get your fair time on the pitch. To do this I suggest this system:

Anybody who shows up on wednesday withour their fee (£25) will start on the bench, and possibly finish on it too.
Goalie stays as goalie, unless he confuses matters and asks to come out for a bit, such a mayhem causing requestwill be treated with scorn and probably ignored.

League games:
Any substitutions will be made at half time, all players on the bench will be put on the pitch. Any player substituted one week will not be substituted the next week.

Cup knockout:
Work it out as we go along, depends how far we get, how many injuries we pick up etc

Suggested starting 6 for cup knockout, as I believe these were the first 5 outfield players to sign up.
Luke - keeper (hopefully Al instead if Luke's still broken)
Striker - Chris H
left mid - Paul B
Right mid - Colin H
left back - Alex H
right back - Chris G

Lets get out there and do some winning!

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