Monday, 9 March 2009

Starting with the whippersnappers

And here's the draw for the cup we're going to win on Wednesday, starting with a victory against the littlun's:

Season One Cup Competition - Wednesday 11 March

7:10pm 1 (US!) v 2 3 v 4 A v B Group Games
7:20pm C v D B v E 4 v 5 Group Games
7:30pm 1 (US!) v 3 2 v 5 A v C Group Games
7:40pm D v E B v C 1(US!) v 4 Group Games
7:50pm 5 v 3 4 v 2 A v D Group Games
8:00pm D v B C v E 1(US!) v 5 Group Games
8:10pm A v E 2 v 3 Group Games
8:30pm Semi Finals
8:45pm Final
9:00 - 11.00 Celebrating our victory in the pub

* All group games last one period of 7 minutes
* Semi Finals will last one period of 8 minutes
* Final will last one period of 10 minutes
* Standard Soccer Sixes rules - see attached sheet
* Top two teams from each group go through to Semi Finals

Team Listings

A Deportivo
B AJ's
C Army
D Mill Lane
E Black Sox

1 NV Athletic
2 Beaver U21's
3 Angel
4 Shangi
5 Weighton

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  1. Top of the league already.

  2. Let's keep it that way. I reckon the Onus is on the first striker to set up our winning ways, now who's that then, I can't quite remember...

  3. It doesn't matter who scores the goals gaffer. It is a team game, and if a lucky punt from the keeper wins it for us then you've got to be happy with that.
    At the end of the day we need to concentrate on giving 120%, getting our heads down and getting the job done.
    There are no easy games at this level so we need to treat this a six pointer and just get some points on the board.