Sunday, 29 March 2009

League table time

It's bad but not disasterous. We're bottom but I reckon we can take points off the Beverley Black Sox and Seen better days. The team you guys face on Wednesday have lost 1 and drawn 1 with only 3 goals scored so I reckon we have a good chance against them too. 1 win can put us up to 7th and the glory of mid-table obscurity.
Good luck out there boys, I'll be thinking of you, If I'm not too stoned to remember who y'all are.

Note: Weighton appear to have got 4 points from 1 win and 1 loss. cheatin' soandsos

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  1. COME ON BOYS LET's DO THE TROGS they`ve only scored one goal useless bastards. If we nobble their top scorer then pinch one up the other end it could be a glorious day.

  2. Gibbeson is out, doesnt get back until friday.(probably scared of getting injured again).