Thursday, 26 March 2009

Actual training, you having a laugh?

There was talk last night of an additional training session (suggested by
luke) for a night in the week at the park, bit of fitness (jogging) then a kick
about for half hour, as the clocks go forward this sunday. Don't be put off by the 'jogging' and 'training' if people don't want to do that then we can just have a kickabout, still better than sitting on yer arse at home.

Probably 5.30 till dark/8.00ish.

Are people interested and if so which evenings can they do. Please state all the evenings you can do, not just your 'preferred'

If you go on Facebook and search for beverley soccer 6's you'll find the group for the, er, Beverley Soccer 6's, upon which a league table should be apeearing shortly. So go and get joined up people.

Additional to the additional:
The Beverley soccer 6's group was apparently only for advertising the league and no league table will be posted there, it will only be posted on the organisers facebook profile. Obviously me n' he are the bestest of chums so he has accepted my facebook friend request and I can retrieve the league table and place it on this here blog for all see.

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  1. Would only need to be an hour or so, just to get us a bit sharper. Might even be fun. Anyone?

    This is open to non team players aswell, the more the merrier. Bring your partners, parents or pets!

  2. I cant really make mondays I just remembered that im signed up to another team now aswell. Apart from that I`m definitely down with training my lardy arse.

  3. Fair point, maybe we need to open this up a little. Do people want to train and if so what days can they do?

  4. anyday but monday, oh wait and wednesday cos we have to play! apart from that i lovessssssssssss training

  5. I am cool to do a kick around (like our Awesomness Training Scheme 08©).

    Wednesday night would be ok, once it has has warmed up a bit and cheerleading season kicks off again. But as most the pilates class know, I am pretty flexible.

    How long does your league go on for?

  6. Last match is 20th May I believe, can't wait that long! Probably have to be another day but wednesday.

  7. Thats fine and dandelion me old mucker.

  8. Fine.

  9. Im up for this.. Any night is fine for me, but would prefer to do this early in the week though.. so either Monday or Tuesday.. I get to the point were i cant be arsed after Wednesday.. Hmmm..i wonder why?!

  10. Bill would you add that Jason Rowley guy as your mate and then post up the current league table on here so i can check it out. I like to see the size of my own fail

  11. I shall do as soon as I am able.

  12. Tourist Information28 March 2009 at 18:18

    Nice one boss.

    Survival tips while you are away; dont eat shrooms,
    dont fall in any of the canals,
    dont try and cross the road/tram/bike lane combo and
    avoid the torture museum down a shitty side street. I swear they just printed crap off wikipedia and charged 4euros to enter

    p.s dont get paranoid about chris being a better captain than you and us scoring glorious 30yard goals, it aint gonna happen...or is it?

  13. You never know, i might just wear my shootin' boots.