Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Well sell my sausages and mail me to Wales...

it's the bloomin' fixtures!

These are the fixtures for the first half of the season, our first match is against a team whom we are yet to face, which is handy because all the teams we have faced have beaten us. You may notice that the team names don't exactly match those that played in the cup tournament, there seem to be a few extra teams with 'made up' names which, hopefully, means they are a little weaker. I personally reckon we've got a chance against 'Stoned United'. Assuming they show up.
On another note, we play the most games on pitch 1 so I designate this as being our home pitch for no real reason.

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  1. What we really need, for a good morale boost, is for a certain Mr Huggins to show up tonight and show the enemy what's what. We can but dream I suppose.

  2. I showed up but I don't think the enemy realised what was what until it was too late for me to explain to them what what was. U get me?