Thursday, 19 March 2009

Improved display sees Notvery go down fighting

Ok, so we lost.
Ok, so we lost by quite a lot.
Ok, so it was 6 - 0.
Ok, so I've just been reliably informed it was actually 7 - 0.
But I'm going to be positive. An excellent display of bogging off home by Paul and an equally good demonstration of exactly how to not turn up by both goalkeepers left the squad a little short. But, bolstered by the additional skills of the self proclaimed 'midfield playmaker' Mr M Huggins, we began the game well. After ten or so minutes the score was still even and we were looking strong. However, just after the substitution of Chris Harley a reasonably rare attack put the opposition one nil up and not long after they made it two. Although we were behind at half time it still felt as though it was possible for us to get something from the game and some excellent attacking work at the start of the second half suggested that maybe a goal, our first of the season, was on the horizon. Sadly it was not to be although there were attempts on goal from at least 3 of our players, some of which were even on target. As the game progressed our lack of fitness began to show and the opposition took full advantage scoring two or three quick goals with a dubious penalty given against Mike rounding off our night.
With our lack of fitness and squad members we deserved to lose the match, but a much improved display and some genuine menace up front meant that, to my mind, 7 nil flattered the other side a little. I feel a change of Notvery's fortunes is on the horizon, if we could only get a goalkeeper to show up.
I think it is important to note that the biggest disappointment of the night occured in the pub afterwards, Mike informing us that Stella had been reduced by 0.5%, with no reduction in price. The scoundrels.

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  1. only chavs drink scummy stella!

  2. I hate `that` word19 March 2009 at 13:34

    Yes it was a splendid performance all-around although we are desperate for a goalkeeper(someone who actually wants to play there).

    As for the stella issue it is a 0.2% reduction in alcohol and I`m from the north so I have a limited appreciation for what a chav is although I am led to believe it is a non-esoteric term originally coined to describe a very specific section of modern British society; White, poorly educated, feckless, unemployed, aggressive, socially irresponsible and morally rudderless. To all of these accusations I must confess :-)

  3. Too much free time + keyboard = jerk

  4. I feel peer pressure here, like the press gang! You need a new goalie eh?