Monday, 20 April 2009

Monday fun

My Sunday league 11-a-side training has moved from Thursdays to Wednesdays, obviously this clashes with the mighty Notvery, this means I am only playing football once a week which, quite simply, isn't enough. To solve this I suggest a 5.30 after work training session/kickabout down at Molescroft starting next Monday. I will be down there with a football next monday, if enough people show up then excellent, if not then I have at least tried! Please attend if you can and invite any friends or family, male or female, who may wish to join in (Luke's friend army would be most welcome). It's good, wholesome, free fun! If we get enough people I will consider re-hiring Longcroft once as week as we did last year. Any suggestions for a different, day, time or venue will be considered, I can do virtually any,


Signed up so far:

Will C
John C
Tom W
Chris G (May be slightly late)
Alex H
Adam T (unavailable first week)
Colin H
Hannah S
Chris H
Tom M (unavailable first week)
Neil T

Paul B
Andy Coupe
Luke H (+2)

Karl T
Ian R
Hannah F
Alan W
Gianfranco Zola

Cannay do it cap'n:
Mike H

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  1. Will, Alan dies not exist!

  2. Wow I'm sure I wrote "Forget it Will, Alan does not exist"!

  3. he does, he does! I think. Does he?

  4. I've put you down as a possibly Tom, shall I bump you up to definite?

  5. Best leave it as possibly until my car arrives.

    How are we for numbers on Wednesday, I've got someone who is up for a game, he is pretty good

  6. I think we may be full on weds, believe it or not! Bring him on monday though and we'll see if he's up the the level of notvery.