Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Mike's final appearance

As tomorrow is likely to be our (current) top scorers' last appearance until The Navy wise up and either don't let him in or kick him out, i'm suggesting a few pints post game to see him off.

My suggestion would be to find a pub showing Chelsea v Everton ... Beaver/Standard???

Who is up for it?? I'm assuming Mike will be up for a pint or two ... but i guess he might have better things to do.

Well i'm gonna watch it anyway...anybody???...anybody???

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  1. I've heard strange things happen in the Navy. All that time at sea, alone, all those guys together...

  2. Ah the final apocalyptic match. Will I get sent off with a glorious win or ignominious defeat?

  3. Will you even still be top scorer when you go?