Friday, 24 April 2009

Shame time - it's the table

On the plus side, we seem to have a goal difference of 20, not bad for a team with our record.


Weighton 0 v 0 Shangi
Deportivo 0 v 2 Mill Lane
Reservoir Trogs 0 v 6 Waterside Utd
Deportivo 1 v 0 Black Sox
Mill Lane 4 v 0 Not Very Athletic
BarceHullona P v P Angel

Fixtures - Wed 29 April
Weighton v Angel
Shangi v Deportivo
Beaver v Reservoir Trogs
Mill Lane v Waterside Utd
Barcehullona v AJ's
Not Very Athletic v Black Sox

Current status of mondays training session (looking promising if y'all remember your kit):

Will C
John C
Tom W
Chris G (May be slightly late)
Alex H
Adam T (unavailable first week)
Colin H
Hannah S
Chris H
Tom M (unavailable first week)
Neil T

Paul B

Luke H
Karl T
Ian R
Hannah F
Alan W

Cannay do it cap'n:
Mike H (in the naaaaaaaaaavyyyyyyy)
Andy Coupe (family man)
Gianfranco Zola (not up to the required standard)

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  1. Lets see some trend lines and forecasts then!

  2. YAY! We now have 20 goals.. erm..

  3. K gents, thanks for all the wonderful memories of one touch football and spectacular goals. I really enjoyed playing with you all and hope that I dont remain as top scorer for much longer. Bon chance with the rest of the season and bye bye